La mamá siempre la mamá

I've written about my mom numerous times in this newsletter. She is truly the reason why I love cooking and food in general. I have vivid memories of her attending cooking classes when I was little, making us all the recipes she learned, writing recipes she found on the internet by hand into her journal📓, bringing me chicken bundles when I was at my math tutoring class, and arriving home to Asian lettuce wraps she made🥬. I recall trying her tuna fruit jello and her "lecherita” ice creams🍨. I could go on and on about my memories and those my mom continues to create for me in the kitchen.

The most exciting part is that now that I am older and live 30 minutes away, we are recipe-testing together and creating more memories in the kitchen.

Here are some of the things my mom has taught me about cooking:

  • Food is the way to the heart ❤️.

  • Wherever you go, take a dessert to their home 🍰.

  • Good ingredients are key to recipe making 🌟.

  • In baking, being precise with measurements is super important ⚖️.

  • Cut food finely (she is the most talented chopperI know! ✂️).

  • Be patient. She repeated my grandma's recipes until she perfected them. She does not give up 🔄.

I am most thankful for her creating so many beautiful memories around food and recipe-making. But I am just so thankful she showed me one of my biggest passions, cooking (especially looking through recipe after recipe and getting excited about what we will make next).

"La mamá siempre la mamá," as she says. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! You are so special to us all💐


Recipe Request Corner

My sister sent me an Instagram reel to test out a recipe. Unfortunately, the recipe was just okay. I'm trying out more Instagram recipes to stay on top of what's trending there.

Recipes Made So Far This Year:

Goal: To try 7 different recipes each week 🗓️, aiming for a total of 365 this year!

 Number of Recipes Made this Week: 8

Number of New Recipes Tested as of 4/21: 161

Weeks Achieving 7 or More New Recipes: 18 out of 18

This Week’s Recipe Test Summary

Impress Someone🌟

This is a healthier version of Nutella, and I really enjoyed it! Unfortunately, I got the recipe from a cookbook I had rented and have since returned it. I forgot to save the recipe, so I'll have to get back to you with it. If you are interested in the recipe, just let me know and I will email it to you once I have it.

Would Make Again 👍

Nothing this week.

Would Not Make Again 👎

These recipes didn’t live up to expectations or just weren’t to my taste.

Missing the Strawberry and Coconut Horchata & Beef Kafta pictures

Horchata de Fresa y Coco (Strawberry and Coconut Horchata) by Steph Crivelli | Instagram Reel

Raspberry Rival Smoothie from Run & Rise Cookbook

Blueberry Bliss Smoothie Bowl from Run & Rise Cookbook

I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, or any recipe request you might have. Just respond directly to this email.

See you next week. Keep cooking! 👋 

Vale from ValeCooks