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Paprika Recipe Manager

I've said it before, but Paprika Recipe Manager truly has been a game-changer for me. My friend Margarita introduced me to it back in 2022, and oh, how I wish I'd discovered it sooner. It has made cooking and meal prepping an adventure, and honestly, just opening the app gives me a dopamine rush 😂.

I'm here to break down how I utilize the app, complete with short video tutorials that I hope you'll find useful.

The app is priced at $4.99 (a one-time fee) for your phone and tablet. For those who want to access it on their computer, it's $29.99, which isn't necessary, but I find it super helpful.

My favorite feature of Paprika is how easily you can download recipes from the web directly into your recipe box. Check out this video to see how I do it. Not only can you add and delete recipes easily, but if you ever run into an 'error processing message,' here's how to still upload the recipe.

Cooking with Paprika is a breeze thanks to its in-app features like timers and the ability to cross off used ingredients.

Curious about adjusting recipe sizes? Here's how I scale recipes up and down with Paprika. Also one of my favorite features!

Planning what to cook is even easier with Paprika's grocery list feature and the recipe pinning function.

See how I organize my recipes within the app here and here.

Sharing recipes with friends and family is also much simpler.

Check out all the videos here.

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to hit reply on this email, and I'll be more than happy to help!

Recipes Made So Far This Year:

Goal: To try 7 different recipes each week 🗓️, aiming for a total of 365 this year!

 Number of New Recipes Tested as of 2/4: 51

Weeks Achieving 7 or More New Recipes: 6 out of 6

This Week’s Recipe Test Summary

Impress Someone🌟
  1. Date Bark from Feel Good Foodie  🍫

    • A trending TikTok food recipe. After one bite, my sister started doing a happy dance, my brother-in-law said they were bomb 💣, and my nephew was all smiles😄. My mom gave her seal of approval👍. Not a peanut or peanut butter fan, I went with almond butter, and loved them.

  2. Baklava from Natasha’s Kitchen🍯

    • My friend Joanna came over for bake night, and baklava was her ambitious pick. We loved it but hadn't expected it would take so long to make — we’d hope to tackle two other desserts that night, but this ended up being our sole mission.

Would Make Again 👍
  1. Sparkling Butter Toffee Cookies from Land O Lakes

    • Made these for the Super Bowl🏈, and they disappeared within an hour. Not my personal favorite, but everyone else seemed to love them too.

  2. Creamy Leek-Potato Soup from America’s Test Kitchen 🥣

    • As a lover of leeks, I found this soup very comforting, though not quite the star of the show.

Would Not Make Again 👎

These recipes didn’t live up to expectations or just weren’t to my taste.

  1. Strawberry Shortcake Bliss Balls from Rachael’s Good Eats Cookbook 🍓

  2. Matcha Lemon Bites from Rachael’s Good Eats Cookbook 🍵🍋

  3. One-Pan Crispy Spaghetti and Chicken from Yotam Ottolenghi 🍝🐔

  4. Health Sludge from the Don’t Panic Pantry Cookbook

  5. Rice Krispie Treats from How to Make Cereal Treats

I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, or any recipe request you might have. (Feel free to respond directly to this email with any requests.)

See you next week. Keep cooking! 👋 

Vale from ValeCooks